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crowdsourcing goes to hollywood!

It wasn’t going to take long for this to happen, with the crowdfunding revolution moving at the current crazy pace: the first crowdfunding movie will be shown at the Sundance festival this year and is the culmination of about 40,000 hours of footage from random people around the world who wanted to share a piece of their lives with Hollywood. The film is called ‘Life in a day’  and follows a documentary form with all the footage compiled from YouTube; 4,500 video clips were sent in from 190 countries round the world showing things as varied as women in Africa pounding Cassava lunchtime to a little American boy’s reluctance to be part of a family video project about his mom’s fight with cancer. The film’s completely arbitrary nature and the fact that it will be shown at the pre-eminent Sundance festival just goes to show how quickly crowdsourcing has come of age. Thousands of people around the world have been a part of this film and each them had a unique story to tell and share. For sure we are going to see more of this type of collaboration in future!
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