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my one and only new years resolution: lend to my friends!!!

I personally stopped believing in new years resolution at the age of about 12! I realised that it was just a way to make starting the year even harder and more unpleasant.. but having said that, one thing that I think should feature in new years resolutions should you decide to have any this year are:..’.I will join the online lending revolution at a website near me!’ Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending have had huge growth in 2010 with higher levels of lending and borrowing expected for 2011…if you have a business you’d like to start and need capital go to Kickstarter.com and see your funding dream come true without losing any of the equity in your business..Or if you an investor tired of getting lacklustre returns from your savings account or brokerage account, check out the crowdfunding sites and see what kind of improved return you can get . If you have strong philanthropic intentions but don’t know how to fulfill them, go to an online P2P lending portal (kiva, babyloan, myC4) and select a small business to fund and feel good about it! Whatever it is you decide to do, let 2011 be your crowdfunding year, a year when you recognise how unimportant the banks and venture capital institutions will eventually become and the power of social networks in helping build up small business…happy new year to you!!!

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