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ireland’s quagmire presents an interesting opportunity

Right now most if not all of Ireland’s banks are more or less worthless; their shares are worth mere pennies and they have no capital left to lend to businesses and individuals. Although the government has quickly tried to inject some capital into the banks to keep them afloat, this has not prevented more Irish people from withdrawing all their cash and fleeing from banks  as if they were the plague! This could actually be a very interesting opportunity for budding P2P entrepreneurs , this is because very shortly, people will desperately need capital and the banks will be turning the other way as they have nothing to offer. Some one or something could actually take the place of the banks and make a healthy profit at that! If I was in Ireland, with my money in Anglo-Irish Bank I would NOT trust banks every again! so, hopefully there are a couple of smart  P2P entrepreneurs out there in Ireland who would be able to set up shop online quickly and put together needy borrowers and willing lenders.. myAzimia is here to help should you wish to get your platform investment ready quickly! God’s speed to you!

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